Kid’s After School Programs

The after school program is designed to teach kids, ranging from 9 on up, the basics of traditional art using the old masters concepts. They learn drawing fundamentals, oil painting, pastels and colored pencil. The students meet right after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays and are picked up at 5:30. The cost for the program is $125 a month and that includes all supplies except a coil brush washer from Hobby Lobby which is $9.99. Call if you have a gifted and talented budding artist!

Kid's Art Classes for 7-9 years old

This is basically the same art class as listed above but designed with your little one's age group will be taught by Audry Nilson who has been classically trained for 2 plus years. It's educational and FUN!! Contact at Carlin Root at 903 343-4433

Adult and Young Adult Drawing (classical methods)


Purpose Statement & Overview:

This training and curriculum is created from the best and most effective traditional methods and techniques used in 19th-century European academies and private ateliers, the apprentice system of the renaissance. The result is a rigorous and demanding system, which also offers the greatest flexibility to meet the specific needs of each student so that they progress at their own best pace. The curriculum is designed as a systematic progression, which breaks down the altogether complex and intimidating challenge of learning to draw and paint realistically from life, into practical stages. Each stage requires that the student acquire and demonstrate specific skills before advancing to the next and more challenging stage. Students therefore progress through the curriculum in a logical and step-by-step fashion leading ultimately to free and confident painting in oil. The speed at which a student advances through the curriculum is directly related to how much time and effort they invest. Students will receive personalized critiques and instruction during each training session that relates specifically to their needs. Adults $125 per month one day a week on Tuesdays.

Students may complete these drawings/paintings throughout the length of this curriculum in this specific order.

Bargue Drawings, Old Master Copies, Cast Drawing, Figure Drawing, Cast Painting, Still Life Painting, Portraiture, Figurative Composition


Colored Pencil/Drawing Realism

Discover how to draw realistic objects with pencil. This course provides step-by-step demonstrations on how to create textures such as metal, reflective objects, people – such as skin, eyes, hair, teeth, glass and clothing. Learn basic strokes, blending, shading and some combined media. Other topics: Course will cover: introduction of light sources, line drawing and tonal drawing to produce beautiful three-dimensional drawings and portraits. Prerequisites: Basic drawing skills, shapes, and proportions. Supply list is available upon request. Supplies: Each student is to bring their own supplies that they usually use when drawing. For more questions, please feel free to contact the instructor at to month series every Tuesday evenings 5:30-8:30 fee $120


Oil Painting for Beginners (and up)

This is a good place to learn the basics and take it to another level. Develop your skill in color, composition, paint application, enhance the artist’s ability to understand color, light and form by working from direct observation using still life set ups or photographs. Some of the important skills and understanding required for a successful painting will be addressed during this class including values, edges, paint quality and composition.  In addition, students will learn the importance of simplifying color masses to create harmony and perceiving beautiful color variation producing effects of realism and subtlety.  Month to month series every Tuesday evening 5:30-8:30 fee is $120.

Please call for next available start dates. Cost: $120 per month, and Thursday mornings 10-1:00. Feel free to bring snacks and beverage of your choice. Ph: 903.830.6694 website: studio location 15424 FM 849 Lindale TX 75771

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